A Little Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Elfie!! I am a chihuahua mix, although I am not quite sure what that means besides that I am a lot smaller than my foster brothers and sisters. I am very outgoing and playful. I would love to find a family that would let me explore the world, on leash of course, otherwise I like to take my own little adventures. I LOVE car rides!! But what I love most of all is cuddling with my foster mom. The odd looking dogs that she calls cats like to snuggle with her too so I will politely wait my turn until the cats leave so I can get my snuggle time in. When it is a little chilly I do like to hunker in under the blankets too. The blankets keep my tiny little body warm. Speaking of warmth, I love being outside in this nice warm weather, especially sunbathing on the deck with my friends (dogs and humans). When my foster family leaves me they put me in a crate, even though I am not the biggest fan of the crate, after I voice my opinion to my foster mom for a minute or 2, I realize the crate isn't so bad and then I take a nap in my big fluffy blanket. When my foster family finally gets home after what feels like forever, I like to greet them with a happy dance. I get so happy I can't contain myself and like to pitter patter around. Now even though I am tiny, I am very mighty. I want nothing more than to keep my foster family safe. This makes me a little wary of strangers. I will try and scare them away with my very intimidating bark, it doesn't seem to work though. After the strangers let me sniff them for a little bit while they ignore me, I deem them safe and ok to interact with my foster family. I am very loyal to my people. I want nothing more than to find a forever family of my own to protect and to love for the rest of my life. The application is at https://forms.gle/97p7hMTjGyCUkLbT6