A Little Bit About Me

Maisy is an adolescent (6 to 8 months old / 32 lb.) female Collie / Retriever / Beagle / maybe King Charles Spaniel mix who looks to remain short and sturdy. Seeking a home with a fenced yard, adults, dog-knowledgeable older children, and another dog(s) for company. She was a street dog in her early months and has some residual fears of new people. With a little patience and time to overcome her initial shyness, Maisy warms up and seeks treats and tummy rubs. This is especially so when there is another dog to help her be brave. Maisy loves dogs! She is highly food motivated and loves to learn! She is house trained, crate trained, and learning to walk on leash. Maisy picks up commands with ease. She knows Sit, Down, Shake, No, Leave it, Off. She is learning Stay, Come, Watch Me and almost has them down! She enjoys playing with toys and curling up next to trusted humans for a nap on the floor or on the couch when allowed. Due to her age and lack of experience, she has a few behaviors she is working through and will need continued work on at her new home. Maisy will need reminders of rules and routines as she is still a puppy and may test boundaries. She is easy to correct and likely to listen to commands after she has a little time to get to know her new family. Due to her age and lack of experience, she will bark and rush at new guests who visit the home, and she will cower and run away from guests if approached. Maisy needs continued socialization with people in this area. We can get her through this with patient and controlled training and exposure. She may harass cats to the point of causing them angst so a cat free home may be best. That said, she will listen to the commands Leave it and No if corrected and is showing continued improvement with cats and boundaries in general. Maisy is being loved, trained, socialized as much as possible, and cared for while her permanent family finds her. Please email